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VISION Series | Driving Financial Inclusion through Traxion’s Leadership

Cathrine Tan | Erin Castro / Traxion Tech

ORTIGAS, Philippines — For over five (5) years, Traxion’s framework has been centered around Enabling the Enablers through digital innovation, reshaping the financial landscape and strengthening the cause of financial inclusivity in the Philippines. 

Featured in PLDT’s Vision Series, Traxion highlights their purpose in providing access to affordable and reliable fintech services to achieve the needs of both the underserved and unserved markets. More than just being a fintech company, Traxion is a trusted partner of different types of organizations in digital transformation. 

As part of industry organizations, Traxion acknowledges the significance of investing and committing to clients. The company achieves this by implementing strategies and providing services that address the needs of underserved communities. Along its journey, Traxion implemented several strategic digital transformation initiatives to bring its vision to life. They have since developed specialized platforms like “digiCOOP” and “DxBank” to cater to the unique needs of cooperatives and businesses, streamlining transactions and expanding financial services. 

Through Traxion’s pioneering QR-based technology, its “Cash Teller Machine (CTM)” eliminates the need for physical cards, enhancing service accessibility. Their mobile wallet app solutions allow users to perform essential transactions with ease. Recognizing the need for education, Traxion invested in comprehensive training programs to empower clients in adopting its digital ecosystem. 

Traxion and PLDT Enterprise partner to enhance operational efficiency, serving their customer base while recognizing MSMEs’ crucial role in the Philippine economy. Through this collaboration, Traxion adopted PLDT’s Smart Messaging Suite to enable automated SMS notifications to our customers for transaction updates and alerts related to the Coopnet Teller Machines (CTMs). 

The commitment of both Traxion and PLDT Enterprise to advancing financial inclusion among Filipinos through digital innovation played a pivotal role in this collaboration, creating a stronger partnership focused on serving the evolving needs of its customers. This partnership has strengthened Traxion’s digital capabilities, improved service reliability and enhanced the overall customer experience, ultimately advancing its mission of financial inclusivity and digital sustainability.

Watch PLDT Vision Series Ft. Traxion Tech here:

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