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AIM Global Unveils BIBO Super App at 2023 Mid-Year Rally

Cathrine Tan | Erin Castro / Traxion Tech

A leading Multilevel Marketing and Direct Selling Company, Alliance in Motion Global Incorporation (Aim Global), has finally introduced its most awaited financial revolutionary app which caters to its Three (3) Million Distributors worldwide on November 13, 2023, at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena. 

The night was filled with fun and excitement for Aim Global as they announced their One-Stop Solution for Digital Financial Transactions: The BIBO Super App. 

With its third-party provider, Traxion Tech, Aim Global is now equipped to provide a multitude of digital functionalities to facilitate financial dealings. 

About the BIBO Super App

The BIBO Super App is a versatile mobile application for managing daily financial activities. At its core, BIBO presents itself as a mobile e-wallet that also provides an all-in-one solution for doing online transactions.

During the event, BIBO introduced a range of exceptional features within the app. Designed for making quick and secure online payments, BIBO lets its users enjoy a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods.

The primary advantage of using the BIBO Super App is it allows users to manage financial transactions in one place. Users can pay bills, transfer money, shop online, and buy e-loads with ease. BIBO also introduces a unique way for users to enjoy and earn through the app with its BIBO Panalo and BIBO Commission features. 

The BIBO Super also offers competitive transaction fees for users who frequently use mobile wallets for transactions, making it a more cost-effective solution than other e-wallets. BIBO users can also enjoy a 5-6% interest in their savings account.

The BIBO Experience at the Rally

The launch event was a huge success for the whole BIBO and Traxion community, which attracted a large crowd eager to learn everything there is to know about the BIBO app.

The program also included interactive sessions that allowed guests to participate in BIBO’s raffle game, earning the crowd’s enthusiasm for the app. While not all attendees got to win the raffle, guests were still able to enjoy the event as they got to watch a live musical performance by Taylor Sheesh – the drag version of Grammy award singer Taylor Swift. 

The whole arena experienced a wonderful kick-off as they sang and danced during Taylor’s performance. It hyped up the crowd by singing Swift’s greatest pop hits. 

The BIBO Experience went beyond simply introducing the application; rather, it functioned as a way for bringing people together to explore, learn, and have a good time as well. 

What’s Next..?

Now is the time to experience the BIBO Super App! Pay your bills, share the BIBO joy, and earn with the BIBO Commission feature. Moreover, take advantage of the BIBO Panalo treats that await you! 

BIBO’s super app launch did not just mark an event but also a festival of innovation and fun towards the biggest Digital Financial Revolution of the year. BIBO is a great opportunity and we hope you will enjoy it as well, soon. The fun and convenience are at the doorsteps!

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