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TraxionTech Demonstrates Commitment to Safety in Earthquake Drill

Cathrine Tan / Traxion Tech

In accordance with Taipan’s Place building regulations, Traxion Tech participated in an earthquake drill practice on March 25, 2024, which was held within its office production area.

This initiative highlights the dedication of both parties to ensure the safety and preparedness of their employees. Each tenant in the building participated individually in the drill within their designated offices.

The drill’s objective is to equip participants with the awareness and skills to respond effectively in the event of a real earthquake disaster, emphasizing the common safety strategy known as ‘Duck, Cover, and Hold’ (DCH). By engaging in such drills, companies like TraxionTech not only fulfill regulatory requirements but also instill a culture of preparedness among their workforce.

Within the Traxion office, the team executed the DCH procedure with awareness, maintaining composure and readiness for an extended duration. Their active participation and leadership were evident as they ensured the safety and well-being of all employees.

TraxionTech’s commitment to security extends far beyond its office walls. By prioritizing preparedness, investing in training, and actively participating in drills and exercises, the company not only safeguards its own operations but also contributes to building a safer society.

TraxionTech’s active participation in the earthquake drill reaffirms its commitment to community safety. By taking proactive measures and demonstrating leadership in disaster response, TraxionTech sets a commendable example for others to follow, fostering a culture of resilience and cooperation within the community.

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