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Flagright Secures Strategic Partnership with Traxion to Boost Digital Transaction Security

Joseph Ibitola /

Flagright, the leading provider of AI-native Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and fraud prevention solutions, is excited to announce its newest customer, Traxion, a key player in transforming digital transactions in Southeast Asia. This partnership is set to significantly elevate the security and reliability of digital financial services in the region.

Traxion, with its innovative approach to digital transactions, offers businesses and consumers a secure and efficient platform for a wide range of services, including payments, remittances, and business solutions. Through this collaboration, Traxion will leverage Flagright’s cutting-edge technology to further enhance its security measures, ensuring a safer transaction environment for all users.

Ann Cuisia, CEO at Traxion, shared thoughts on the partnership: “Aligning with Flagright is a game-changer for Traxion. It amplifies our commitment to providing the most secure and trustworthy digital transaction platform in Southeast Asia. Flagright’s advanced AML and fraud prevention solutions will play a crucial role in safeguarding our users’ transactions against the evolving landscape of digital financial threats.”

Flagright’s AI technology and easy-to-use, no-code interface will enable Traxion to seamlessly integrate comprehensive compliance and fraud prevention measures, reinforcing the security of its digital transaction platform. This partnership underscores both companies’ dedication to enhancing the digital financial ecosystem’s integrity and trust.

Baran Ozkan, Co-founder and CEO of Flagright, remarked, “We are thrilled to partner with Traxion, a company at the forefront of digital transaction innovation in Southeast Asia. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of making digital transactions more secure and accessible. We are eager to support Traxion’s growth with our robust security solutions.”

About Flagright

Flagright is a global frontrunner in AI-native AML compliance and fraud prevention solutions, empowering financial institutions worldwide to fight financial crimes and ensure secure transactions. Its comprehensive product suite includes real-time transaction monitoring, case management, sanctions screening, and customer risk assessment, all accessible through a user-friendly, no-code platform.

About Traxion

Traxion is a leading digital transaction provider in Southeast Asia, offering a broad spectrum of financial services and solutions. With a focus on innovation, security, and user experience, Traxion is dedicated to transforming how businesses and consumers conduct transactions, making digital financial services more accessible and secure for everyone.

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