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AIM Global Signs Contract with Traxion Tech for Bibo Super App

Erin Castro / Traxion Tech

ORTIGAS, Philippines — On November 9, 2023, a significant milestone was made in the digital world of fintech industry as Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global) signed with Traxion Tech to formalize their partnership with AIM Global’s newly developed product, the BIBO Super App. The contract signing event occurred at AIM Headquarters, located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, and was attended by key executives from both organizations.

During the event, AIM Global President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog and Traxion Tech Founder and CEO Ms. Ann Cuisia, along with other key representatives, expressed their enthusiasm for the promising partnership and potential impact of the BIBO Super App on the fintech market. 

In her speech, Traxion Tech CEO/Founder Ms. Ann Cuisia extended her gratitude to AIM Global for the collaboration with the BIBO project, “Very important itong BIBO Project for us because this will pave the way for more digital inclusion among the communities of the BIBO Community. This would be the start of a long term partnership,” Cuisia said.

“We’re very glad that we are able to have this partnership – as we (Traxion Tech) also advocate for financial inclusion and also advocate for digital inclusion.”

 – Ann Cuisia, Traxion Tech CEO/Founder

During his speech address, AIM Global President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog also shared his appreciation to the Traxion Team for their collaborative efforts and services in making their company’s grand vision possible.

“Sa wakas, we finally found a partner that we can be proud of. We could deliver what we have promised to our millions of distributors not only in the Philippines but in other parts of the world in terms of income opportunity when it comes to digital payments. So this is just one of the steps to create the grand vision of the company, the AIM Global Group. Thank you very much to the Traxion team, we are so proud and so excited with this partnership.”

– AIM Global CEO and Founder, Dr. Ed Cabantog

By providing users with an all-in-one application for their digital financial transactions, AIM Global and Traxion Tech aim not only to enhance the user experience but also to create new avenues for digital financial inclusion and empowerment.

The development of the BIBO Super App offers a myriad of services for the convenience of its users. From bills payment to money transfers, online shopping, and e-loads, the BIBO Super App seeks to streamline and simplify the way people manage their finances through mobile devices. Additionally, BIBO also comes with unique features, allowing users to have the opportunity to earn and win prizes through the BIBO Commission and BIBO Panalo. With its comprehensive range of services and accessibility, BIBO is definitely going to take e-wallet apps to the next level. 

Overall, the synergy created by the strategic alliance of Traxion Tech’s fintech services and AIM Global’s direct-sales expertise will reshape the fintech industry through innovative solutions for a hassle-free financial experience with the BIBO Super app.

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