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TraxionTech Employees Lead the Way in Earthquake Drill

JM Dumaran / Traxion Tech

TraxionTech employees demonstrated their commitment to community safety by setting an example in the 3rd Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

The drill was organized by the Operations Manager of Taipan Place, Regner Villlareal, in accordance with CIRCULAR No. 037-2023 of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

TraxionTech employees join forces with the community in a successful earthquake drill during the NSED 3rd Quarter event. 

Under the leadership of Rose Lozano, Ardee Natividad, and Joel Loreno, TraxionTech employees joined hands with valued unit owners and tenants to form a united front in disaster preparedness. The core focus of the drill was to equip participants with the essential skills required to respond effectively in the event of an earthquake, with an emphasis on the fundamental “Duck, Cover, and Hold” (DCH) technique.

TraxionTech showcases their earthquake preparedness as they participates in the National Earthquake Drill’s 3rd Quarter edition. 

The Traxion Tech team executed the DCH procedure flawlessly, maintaining their composure and readiness for a duration of 2-3 minutes. They also demonstrated leadership and teamwork, helping to ensure that all participants were safe and accounted for.

Taipan Place’s Operations Manager, Regner Villareal’s effective organization led to a successful earthquake drill at Taipan Place, aligning with NDRRMC’s Circular No. 037-2023 with TraxionTech employees as participants. Villareal also encouraged all participants to share their snapshots with NSED, which will be submitted to the NDRRMC as a testament to the joint commitment to disaster readiness displayed by TraxionTech and the community at large.

Rose Lozano, Ardee Natividad, and Joel Loreno take the lead in TraxionTech’s earthquake readiness efforts, ensuring a united front in disaster preparedness. 
TraxionTech employees demonstrate their mastery of the essential DCH technique during the earthquake drill, maintaining composure for 2-3 minutes
Exemplary teamwork and leadership shine as TraxionTech employees play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of all participants during the earthquake drill. 

TraxionTech reaffirms their commitment to community safety as they actively participates in earthquake preparedness activities. 

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